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Alcheme-e Description

Alchem-e™ integrates a graphically rich dashboard for command and control of the operation, and a rapid setup of automated processes; along with, an advanced workflow management system that tracks activity, automates tasks, secures data and empowers people with the tools and information they need to do their jobs better. It's well-suited for in-house print production centers, service providers and marketing organizations. Unlike other CCM solutions on the market, the Alchem-e™ platform allows you to keep your existing equipment, technology and production software to avoid long and costly migrations. Therefore, using Alchem-e's technology in your current processes will optimize your operation and manage it in the most efficient way possible.

Functional Categories

Automated Document Composition - High speed formatting and composition software including Variable Data Formatting (VDP)

Data Preparation - Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) tools, data validation, append etc.

Digital MakeReady - Prepress, preflight, imposition, soft-proof and finishing preparation for inkjet printing environments.

Marketing Automation - Marketing Automation for print and multi-channel delivery including message management, PURL generation, image personalization and other specialty solutions.

Materials Management - Inventory, warehousing, accounting integration for print related materials.

Output Management - Including grouping, batching, load balancing, print spooling and routing.

Production Modeling - Production workflow design and simulation.

Production Planning - Estimating (including ink), pricing, print MIS.

Production Tracking - Operational production dashboards, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Resource Management/Conversion - Editing, storage and conversion of logos, images, fonts, etc. for use in print production environments.

Application Suitability

Books – Color
Books – Fine Art & Photography
Books – Monochrome
Catalog and Magazine
Commercial Marketing Collateral
Direct Mail - Monochrome
Direct Mail-Color
Direct Marketing – Postcards & High Color Direct Advertising
Direct Marketing – Self Mailers
Traditional Transaction Print
Transitional Mail

Installation Options

On Premise
Supplier Hosted


Pending Verification

About Racami

Racami LLC is a provider of CCM Technologies and Managed Services. Racami is focused on the innovation, enhancement and advancement of its’ technology and service platform which has resulted in a comprehensive business management platform known as The Alchem-e™. The The Alchem-e™ solution suite includes the CIS™ enterprise dashboard, an integrated workflow automation and management application, a multi-channel document management application and a digital document archive and presentment application.

Racami is based in North America.


Racami Flyer

Racami Flyer

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Racami - Your Guide to Effective CCM

Racami - Your Guide to Effective CCM

Download Racami - Your Guide to Effective CCM

Madison Advisers Case Study

Madison Advisers Case Study

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Alchem-e Powered By Racami

Transform Your Operation With Smart Automated Workflows

Transform your operation with intelligent and automated workflows that empower business users with low-code automation, free-up your IT for more productive work and deliver effective process automation through a web-based drag and drop interface.

What You Need to Implement a Successful Multichannel Strategy in 2020

Multichannel is not sending emails and SMS occasionally. To successfully implement a multichannel distribution strategy you need a complex workflow system that handles that kind of orchestration and understands your customers' preferences and interactions with your brand.

Remote Production Monitoring Amidst COVID-19 | Alchem-e™ Customer Communications Management

Racami’s Alchem-e™ allows business people and IT people to effectively monitor the production facility from home, track performance, diagnose problems, meet SLAs and ensure all jobs are flowing correctly from input through delivery.

Send Any Job to Any Printer at Any Facility with Alchem-e™

Sending any job to any printer at any facility is not an easy task. Differences in printer and other equipment capabilities can make the job hard, especially when you have multiple facilities where inventory is needed. Racami's Alchem-e™ customer communications management (CCM) platform, provides its users with the compatibility features necessary to orchestrate this kind of work.

The Importance of Proofing Customer Communications

The proofing process is a vital and relevant part of the production of accurate customer communications. The Alchem-e™ Customer Communications Management system allows users to send proofs to their clients to ensure that the piece is correct and ready to be printed.

What are the benefits of production tracking?

How do you know if you are utilizing your machines effectively, if the overall shop is producing at maximum level and your people are as productive as they can be? Alchem-e’s Production Tracking capabilities allow you to measure how long it takes to to run a job on a piece of equipment, a printer, an inserter or a folder. By tracking the duration, the quantity and quality of the production process, you will be able to confirm that every item was accurately produced and subsequently, improve the productivity, delivery times and quality of your operation.

How Does Alchem-e™ Secure Data?

In this short video, our EVP of Sales and Marketing, Matt Mahoney explains some of the reasons why securing data is an essential part of every organization, and how Alchem-e™ provides companies with the ability to meet industry regulations by setting up an environment with layers of security.

Last updated: Jun 10, 2020