Speed Reported Up to 492 feet per minute (150 meters per minute)
FPM Reported 492
IPM Reported 2145
Duty Cycle Reported 40 million

Digital Front End

Controller Options TotalFlow R600A
Print Streams PDF, Postscript, IPDS, JDF, AFP

Paper & Media

Paper Feed Roll
Paper Output Roll
Minimum Web Width 6.5 in / 165 mm
Maximum Web Width 20.47 in / 520 mm
Maximum Print Width Simplex 20.47 in / 520 mm
Maximum Print Width Duplex 20.47 in / 520 mm
Minimum Thickness 40
Maximum Thickness 260
Paper Types Plain, General Offset Coated and Uncoated, IJ coated, IJ treated
Specialty Media Not Reported

Market Segments

Manufacturer Segment Notes
Applications Segments Books – Color
Books – Fine Art & Photography
Catalog and Magazine
Commercial Marketing Collateral
Direct Marketing – Postcards & High Color Direct Advertising
Direct Marketing – Self Mailers
Traditional Transaction Print
Transitional Mail


Layout Configuration I, L
Print Engines 2
Print Sides Duplex
Power Consumption Not Reported
Footprint: Not Reported
Noise: Not Reported
Weight: Not Reported
Humidity Range: Not Reported
Temperature Range: Not Reported

Device information last updated: Mar 22, 2021