Speed Reported 152 m/min / 500 ft/min (performance mode), 72 m / 250 ft/min (quality mode) 152 m / 500 ft/ min (HDK mode)
FPM Reported 500
IPM Reported 1000
Duty Cycle Reported 62 million letter-sized images per month

Digital Front End

Controller Options HP SmartStream Production Elite Print Server with Global Graphics Harlequin RIP,
Print Streams PDF, AFP, IPDS

Paper & Media

Paper Feed Roll
Paper Output Roll
Minimum Web Width 8 in / 203 mm
Maximum Web Width 22 in / 558 mm
Maximum Print Width Simplex 20.5 in / 521 mm
Maximum Print Width Duplex Pending Verification
Minimum Thickness 40 gsm
Maximum Thickness 250 gsm
Paper Types standard uncoated offset media, inkjet-optimized coated media, ColorPRO media series, and offset coated media with HP jetted bonding agent.
Specialty Media Customers have successfully printed on adhesive back, PVC, PET. Non-certified media subject to testing/verification.

Market Segments

Manufacturer Segment Notes Transactional, Traditional Transaction, publishing, direct mail and commercial print
Applications Segments Books – Color
Catalog and Magazine
Commercial Marketing Collateral
Direct Mail-Color
Direct Marketing – Postcards & High Color Direct Advertising
Direct Marketing – Self Mailers
Sign and Display
Traditional Transaction Print
Transitional Mail


Layout Configuration I
Print Engines 2
Print Sides Duplex
Power Consumption Power draw is dependent on paper, ink coverage, dryer configuration and application.
Footprint: 117 in x 455 in x 107 in / 3000 mm x 11600 mm x 2700 mm
Noise: operator side - between 72.0 and 78.1dB /    rear of press (including dryers/motors) - between 76.7 and 84.0dB
Weight: Not Reported
Humidity Range: 40–60% RH
Temperature Range: 64–75º F / 18–24º C


T250 Brochure

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